Company:                  INTERNATIONAL CLEAN ENERGY (Hybrid) PTY LTD (“ICE”)

ACN:                            135 851 4941

Mailing Address:     PO Box 5030 Daisy Hill 4127

Office Location:      29 Watland Street, Springwood, Queensland, Australia 4127

Contacts details:     t (617)  3209 3273  f (617) 3209 1763

Legal Status:             A proprietary company limited by shares established under section 45A(1) of the Corporations Act of Australia

Company History

Since its inception, ICE was established to research, design, and develop clean energy products based on an innovative thermodynamic process to supply base load solar energy. The Company’s experience in turning ideas into commercial reality has enabled the completion of two new designs:

  1. A solar energy system for homes supplying, electricity, hot water and chilling for air-conditioning (TESS).
  2. A Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), system with thermal storage and Capstone gas turbine

Supplementing the IP products of the company, the company also holds Original Equipment Manufacturer’s or exclusive marketing licenses for leading edge solar-based and environmental products which it wholesales into world markets including;

1.     A Solar Assisted Air Conditioning system for commercial premises.

2.     A Waste to Energy system designed to utilize as feedstock any carbonaceous product including plant and animal matter, all municipal waste, plastics, rubber products and sewerage sludge.

As a result of the plethora of fields ICE works within, we have aggregated significant experience and expertise in the fields we operate.  ICE have also aligned themselves with a number of significant industry experts and leading companies.

ICE are always looking for innovative new products and also projects where we can provide cost effective solutions to address the clients power, water and lifestyle needs via a holistic approach.

ICE has a wealth of experience in the renewable sector and where possible tries to contribute back to the global community with provision of innovative technology, education and expertise.

Corporate Objectives

To implement systems and strategies to reduce our carbon footprint by distributing very low emission and solar power energy systems through:

  1. Implementing cost effective low greenhouse gas emission power generation technologies;
  2. Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of zero emission technologies to stakeholders and the wider community;
  3. Establishing a culture of continuous improvement in emission performance;
  4. Achieving financial sustainability and profitability;
  5. Establishing partnerships with business, research, government and education agencies; and
  6. Being an exemplar of corporate transparency in all aspects of its operations

Principal Activities

ICE operates out of offices in Springwood, Queensland, Australia, which is the global headquarters for product research and development, sales & marketing and finance and administration.

Principal activities are:

  1. Research and development, design and production of leading edge solar power energy products
  2. Identification and marketing under license of high quality OEM products that meet the company’s standards of excellence and innovation.
  3. Sales & Marketing and Distribution of the company’s suite of product offerings which include:
  •  The supply of solar assisted air conditioning systems for commercial application
  • The coordination of sales and installations of Waste to Energy Systems
  • The Supply of Wind Turbines
  • The assembly and distribution of components for TESS Residential Hybrid solar power systems
  • The manufacture of INTERNATIONAL CLEAN ENERGY  CSP Parabolic Concentrators
  • The supply of Micro-turbines for OEM thermal storage closed cycle operation
  • The supply of solar motive power systems for cars and trucks
  • The modification of Micro-turbine Multiple Unit systems for locomotive, passenger train and tram/light rail operation with thermal storage worldwide
  1. Manufacturing – all sensitive components of ICE products are manufactured by ICE locally in Australia 

Organisational Structure

ICE has a flat organizational structure designed to map major functional areas and processes.

Statement of Corporate Principles

To create and deliver consistently superior value to our:

  • Shareholders
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees
  • Communities

Our core beliefs and values are based on the following principles:

• We will be open and honest

• We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable (for all of our actions)

• We expect teamwork and collaboration across our organization for the benefit of all stakeholders

• We treat everyone with fairness and respect

• We value speed, simplicity and efficient execution of our promises

Our People

At ICE we believe that to achieve the most out of life people need to have dreams and passion. Our purpose as an organisation is to help our customers fulfil their aspirations. Our focus is on backing people by listening, understanding and helping them.

We achieve this through our people, making genuine connections with our customers and other stakeholders, providing expertise and advice and delivering a superior customer experience.  Our people and the promises we make through our brands are intimately linked. In other words, our people don’t just make the difference – they are the difference. That is why we are focused on building a great place to work, where our people can fulfil their own personal aspirations, while fulfilling the aspirations of their customers.

Monitoring employee satisfaction and cultural change provides valuable feedback and gives our people an active voice in the Group’s progress. It allows us to measure the relative success of our people management approaches.

Corporate Governance

The Directors of ICE are responsible for the corporate governance of the Company and its controlled entities (the Group) as well as joint venture partners. Corporate governance is a matter of high importance in the Company and is undertaken with due regard to all of the Company’s stakeholders and its role in the community. Good corporate governance is a fundamental part of the culture and the business practices of the ICE Group.

ICE has elected to adopt the following corporate governance principles:-

Lay Solid Foundations for management and oversight:

  • Establishing the functions reserved to the board and those delegated to senior executives
  • Evaluating the performance of senior executives and all subordinate personnel 

Promote ethical and responsible actions & decision-making

  • Establish a code of conduct and disclose the code or a summary as to:

o   the practices necessary to maintain confidence in the company’s integrity;

o   the practices necessary to take into account the company’s legal obligations and the reasonable expectations of its stakeholders; and

o   the responsibility and accountability of individuals for reporting and investigating reports of unethical practices.

Safeguard integrity in financial reporting

  • Establish an audit committee with a formal charter.

Respect the rights of all stakeholders

Design a communications policy for promoting effective communication with stakeholders and encouraging their participation in the Company.

Recognise and manage risk:

  • Risk Management is focused on supporting the ICE Group in achieving its purpose, objectives and strategies.  ICE’s approach to risk Management is that all business decisions should proactively consider risk; business managers should use the risk management framework which assists to appropriately balance both risk and reward components; all Group employees are responsible for risk management in their day-to-day activities; and risk management is a core competency area for all Group employees.
  • Establish policies for the oversight and management of material business risks and disclose a summary of those policies.
  • Establish internal control systems
  • Measure and evaluate effectiveness of the company’s management of its material business risks and its internal control systems

Occupational Health & Safety

Across the ICE Group, we focus on a preventative approach to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), aiming to provide a safe, secure and fulfilling workplace. We are focused on moving beyond compliance to looking after the well-being of our employees.

Our health and safety management systems Group-wide, focus on a number of areas for action and continuous improvement:

  • leadership commitment
  • effective risk and hazard management and compliance
  • connecting with our people – consultation, communication and engagement of employees
  • increased knowledge, skills and capacity to act in accordance with policies and procedures
  • employee well-being initiatives.

The requirements for occupational health and safety vary slightly in each country in which we operate. Each regional business has OH&S strategy and systems to ensure we continue to meet regulatory requirements and our OH&S objectives.

OH&S reports provide information on six key areas:

  • Governance and regulation – update on significant legislative changes that may impact the relevant business and actions to address them
  • OH&S audit outcomes, exceptions and corrective actions – update on health and safety management system audit results, improvement areas and corrective action plans
  • Notifiable, reportable and serious harm incidents – update on workplace incidents or injuries that we must report to regulators
  • Prosecution, prohibition or improvement notices – update on any notices issued for alleged breaches of OH&S legislation
  • Strategy and initiatives – update on any OH&S and well-being strategies implemented, or proposed to be implemented, to improve the health, safety and well-being of employees
  • Performance measures and claims data – update on OH&S performance measures and claims

OH&S management systems are audited annually to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and standards. Audits are conducted by our internal audit function. We provide an annual update on our OH&S performance and initiatives in our Corporate Responsibility Reporting.

Environmental Policy

ICE, as a provider of energy conservation and clean energy products, is wholly committed to making a contribution to the sustainability of our planet by reducing the direct environmental impacts of our customers.

Climate change, water scarcity and biodiversity loss, are a few of the key environmental issues that threaten the economic and social sustainability of our communities and the planet, and long-term success of business.

Within ICE itself, we are working to use resources more efficiently and to reduce the waste and greenhouse pollution we produce so we minimise our direct impact on the environment. This adds value to our financial bottom line as well.

In addition, we are reducing our indirect environmental impact by responsibly managing our supply chain

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