Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Power Generation

Technology Overview

The environmentally sound Pyrolysis System, the heart of the waste to energy system, is designed to destroy most forms of solid, liquid, hazardous and industrial waste streams – including all forms of volatile organic compounds. It has been used successfully with all types of hydrocarbons, dioxins, PCB’s, rubber, chlorides, medical waste, pesticides, plastics, wood and paper products.International Clean Energy Waste to energy system

The system is not an incinerator. The waste is not burnt, the Pyrolysis Chamber initiates “Thermal Degradation” to disintegrate waste substances and compounds into lesser elemental forms. This process allows our system to achieve 80% efficiency compared to typical incineration systems that are about 50% efficient. As a result, 80% of the value of the waste stream can be available for conversion into energy through various means. This is usually in the form of a steam generator, but other methods are possible.

The advantage of the Pyrolysis process, unlike an incinerator, is the destructive IMG_2719decomposition of waste materials using indirect heat in the absence of oxygen. The pyrolytic process applies high temperatures (from 650oC to 1,000oC), indirectly into a retort chamber housing in an environment free of flame and oxygen. Inside this chamber, hydrocarbons and other waste compounds are converted into gases and basic elemental solids via destructive distillation and molecular decomposition. All the gases are diverted to an oxidiser at 1,250oC for conversion to carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapour. The remaining solid residues passing out of the retort are typically carbon sterile sands and fixed, non-leachable metals.

The Pyrolysis System is designed for trouble free operation and minim
al down time. The system is most efficient when operating 24 hours daily and can process up 50 tons of waste (depending on size) every 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

The Pyrolysis System, in addition to destroying waste materials, facilitates the cost effective use of all processing by-products. In addition to the heat anIMG_2730d gases being used to generate electricity, the solid residues can normally be recycled, sold as commodities, soil enrichment or formed into construction materials such as bricks, blocks and tiles.

The Pyrolysis System is environmentally sound, has outstanding energy efficiency and portability, and provides up to 92% volume reduction of the waste streams thus extending the life of landfills which are rapidly filling up with no further space left. Of great significance, landfills can be considered as merely “parking places” and do not destroy the waste. As such, they can leak into the drinking water table. This system can also in some cases be used to recover materials from old landfills.

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